Windsor Renovations & Restorations


Windsor, just over three kilometres from the heart of Brisbane and full of character and charm. Residents looking for the comforts of modern living while retaining the character and historic charm of their homes choose Clem Carpentry. Clem Carpentry is a specialist design-and-build firm with a dedicated dream team. We are committed to preserving the beauty of historic homes in our city. Plus, we know how to do this while giving you all the conveniences of modern day living, such as open floor plans and storage.

Why choose Clem Carpentry for your Windsor renovation?

Simply, because Clem Carpentry has the solution for any Windsor renovation project. Our designers will consult with you carefully to find out your needs. Then we will look at what you think is lacking and come up with innovative solutions with creative flair. Plus, we work to any budget, giving you what you want for your home.

In addition, Clem Carpentry has helped hundreds of families over the years to make their homes work for them. Our team knows the value of renovating and extending instead of relocating. Families are often very happy with their neighbourhood, but will just need to make more household living space. Our Windsor renovation experts can make such magic happen. We will redesign your current home to better cater to modern day living. Plus we will do so while making sure it loses none of its heritage values.

Finally, this is actually where Clem Carpentry comes into our element. We pride ourselves on our ability to visualise the dreams of our clients. We will conceptualise plans that provide the living space to suit the very particular needs of each customer.

Windsor heritage experts

Clem Carpentry advocates protecting the heritage of the Windsor area. The Clem team thrives on the challenges of fusing the new and old seamlessly.

Living in Windsor? Looking at renovating? Call the experts with heart and passion – Clem Carpentry!

Geoff R