Building Services Ascot


We at Clem Carpentry are renowned for our building services in Ascot and throughout greater Brisbane. We specialise in all types of design, build and carpentry work. The size of the project is not important. Our aim is to provide only the best professional services with a personal touch. When we take on a project, our team of qualified professionals will work closely with you from start to finish. Our aim is your satisfaction. At Clem Carpentry, we always take the time to understand exactly what you want. We strongly believe this is the key to success. From that base, we create innovative solutions for any design-and-build challenge.

You will love our designers. They are highly qualified and skilled in all areas of home renovation, remodelling and design. They are all-rounders, but they specialise in re-imagining interior and exterior spaces.

Natural product, natural talent

At Clem Carpentry, we are solid wood experts. We enjoy using this beautiful and diverse natural product in our projects. That’s because we believe it conveys warmth to every style. We are devoted to bringing creative, intelligent, sustainable concepts to residential building services to Ascot. Our services are further set apart by their sheer quality. Our philosophy is to offer only the highest quality materials and finishes. This we do in a timely fashion, at a reasonable price. Moreover, we believe in giving the finest one-on-one service.

As leading providers of building services in Ascot, we know that renovation projects can quickly expand. Our thorough professionalism eliminates the unforeseen. Before we start any renovation, we take care to understand your exact wishes for a structural or cosmetic renovation. We are proud to make renovating easy for the home-owner. We promise to give you the look or space you desire without the hassle.

Geoff R