Newmarket Builders


Newmarket is a trendy suburb just five kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. It is an older, mostly residential suburb. As a consequence, it is full of pre-war and post-war homes, including many exquisite examples of the Queenslander style. Over the years, many have also built modern houses in Newmarket. In short, this is a suburb rich in history and architectural style. Home owners in the area are looking for building services in Newmarket that will satisfy. Clem Carpentry is the answer. We are suitably skilled and qualified builders for expert renovations or remodelling. We love the challenge of making changes that are sympathetic to the historic value of your home and blend modern elements with success.

Why choose Clem Carpentry for your building services in Newmarket?

Why choose Clem Carpentry? Well, first of all, we are highly experienced in renovations of this calibre. We have an extensive profile of work completed on Queenslanders and historic homes. And in addition, we are proud to offer building services to Newmarket home-owners. Clem Carpentry can seamlessly design a modern kitchen, bathroom or addition for your post-war home. The Clem team are also expert in eliminating interior walls to combine living, dining and kitchen areas in open plan designs.

Also to consider is this: we will always carefully preserve the architectural beauty of a historic home. Our aim is always to complement it with modern touches. This is so as to allow the house to service you, its owner, in the best way possible for many years to come. Plus, we know how to do this while adding value both financially and emotionally. Finally, our skilled carpenters can transform your little nooks and crannies into useful rooms or storage while increasing the beauty of your home.

So, if you are considering a renovation, addition or remodel of your exquisite Queenslander, pre-war or post-war home. Clem Carpentry are for you. We alone have the experience to offer the highest calibre of building services in Newmarket and its surrounding suburbs.

Contact us today to ask for examples of how we have successfully made modern living from historic housing in Newmarket.

Geoff R