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Welcome to Clem Carpentry - your professional local Hawthorne design-and-build dream team. First of all, we are a locally owned firm that specialises in:

  • Renovations

  • Extensions

  • External entertainment areas

  • Queenslanders and historic buildings

Located only five kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Hawthorne is one of the original suburbs of Brisbane. It is very historic, and boasts many Queenslanders of grandeur and beauty. However, many owners of these historic homes are finding that the original layout or features are not ideal for modern-day living. Hawthorne home-owners have been asking for the expertise of Clem Carpentry. That is due to our skill and experience in making extensions and renovations that are sympathetic to the original character of Queenslander homes.

Historic home specialists

At Clem Carpentry, we are proud of our ability to make such hopes for historic homes a reality. Our specialist design team are experts in historic Queensland house design. As a team, we have a true knack for combining the old with the new seamlessly. Simply put, Clem Carpentry knows how to meet your modern living needs while keeping the Queensland charm and elegance that we all love.

Holly, Marc and their dedicated team of hand-picked tradesmen and women are also expert in helping home owners gain additional space. Enhance your living experience through space you will be amazed we can create. We know how to satisfy your needs and make your dream home a reality. Finally, we do it all with first-class customer service and exceptional workmanship. Because we love Queenslanders, and love Hawthorne.

So, with Clem Carpentry, there is no need to relocate to achieve your dream lifestyle. If you need another reason to choose Clem Carpentry, try this one. Our professional team have unique and creative ideas about how to make the most of what you already have. You will marvel at how this saves you money and lets you lead the life you want in the suburb that you love.

If you and your family want more space, a new entertainment area, increased storage, a new bathroom or or kitchen, contact us today. Clem Carpentry are your local professional builders for Hawthorne. We have innovative answers to every challenge and will make your home work for you.

Geoff R