Clem Carpentry showcases a Fairfield outdoor living area


Clem Carpentry is proudly a builder of outdoor living areas for Queenslanders. We present this Fairfield pergola living space as an example of our design, carpentry and build expertise.

The Brief

Our client recognised the transformational potential of their tired and uninviting front deck. The house is a small duplex in Fairfield, Brisbane, with little other outdoor space. They asked us how to make it an inspiring and comfortable outdoor entertainment area. They were keen for the build to also incorporate the lovely natural feature of a mature mango tree.

We agreed that we could create and build a design for outdoor living that featured the tree. We also saw the possibility of making a stylish – and surprisingly spacious – entertainment area.


To make the most of the space available, we needed to build right up to the property boundary. This required us to obtain zoning approval from Brisbane City Council. Holly worked closely with the clients to perfect the design, and she drew up the plans that went to the council.

Clem Carpentry also met with an arborist to discuss how to keep the mango tree healthy and preserve it.

Getting Started On-Site

We first removed the old rotting deck so that excavation work could begin for the new deck footings and Solar Span roofing support posts.

Then we built a concrete retaining wall that runs under the deck and around the mango tree for support. We laid beautiful new secret-fix hardwood Kwila decking. (“Secret-fix” means no visible nails – and it also means that the deck will be very low maintenance, as well as weather-resistant.)

We shaped the solar span roofing around the tree and crafted a bench seat also in Kwila timber. The bench is a custom design cut into the concrete to create a flush, integrated finish.

Part of the build was also a new corrugated fence with dressed Kwila hardwood posts, to protect privacy.

Finishing Touches

We chose Intergrain UltraDeck oiling system, as it is especially designed for Australian weather conditions and represents the best quality available for hardwood.

A tiler completed the tiling around the walls with a design called “Grunge”. The client selected it as a fresh element that blended nicely into the new deck environment and complemented the timber.

Finally, an electrician installed lights, a fan and an outdoor heater. These touches complete the deck as an inviting and comfortable space that is suitable for entertaining all year round.


This six-week project delighted the clients. It shows what is possible with even an apparently small, and seemingly unpromising, outdoor space.

Contact us today to discover how Clem Carpentry can transform your existing deck or other outdoor space into a living and entertaining space to exceed your dreams.

Geoff R