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At Clem Carpentry, we believe most of all in building great relationships. You will find that relevant as well as our skills in making great decks and entertainment areas.

We know how unique you are. That’s why we take the time to understand your requirements, lifestyle and aesthetic views and ensure that our work expresses who you are.

Clem Carpentry is especially delighted when our work can make a positive difference to the lifestyles of our customers. We love people as much as we love building, and as a result, pride ourselves on our track record in exceeding customer expectations. In conclusion? Contact us today for the Clem experience in an obligation-free quote.


Clem Carpentry creates beautiful and functional custom kitchens, as well as specialising in kitchen renovation and restoration

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Clem Carpentry creates beautiful and functional custom bathroom, as well as specialising in bathroom renovation and restoration

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Clem Carpentry listens to you to build luxury decking and entertainment areas that fit your aesthetic lifestyle and leisure activities

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Clem Carpentry are staircase experts who can build to style or renovate the full variety of modern, Queenslander or other traditional staircases.

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Clem Carpentry sensitively restores and renovates dwellings to their former glory or modernises older homes in need of a facelift

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Clem Carpentry are specialists in restorations to Queenslanders whose expertise can take large-scale and high-end projects from start to finish

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Clem Carpentry offers unique expertise in high-end luxury design and build solutions, and the latest technological and design trends in custom building

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